I’m a big fan of the beach, but I’ve only come to realise it now, in my mid-30s. We were lucky enough to spend a couple of days down at Sussex Inlet with friends in their family holiday home, recently. The kids had a ball, except for Fraser, who just wasn’t keen on the waves. I’m really pushing the beach idea this summer. Now we’re in Bowral, we’re that much closer to the coast—less than one hour—so when school goes back I hope to head across for some beach swims of my own. But the kids also need more exposure to the beach, and we enjoy the short weekends away, so we’ve booked another coastal weekend away in a couple of weeks.

And speaking of school, Fraser goes back on Monday. We haven’t had a busy holidays. The boys had a few overnighters with my parents, and a day out at the aquarium and wildlife zoo with their other grandparents, a couple of swims at the local pool, trip to Shellharbour beach on Australia Day, and of course, there was Christmas. But the rest of the time they wallowed about at home, getting a bit bored, doing a bit of arguing, and watching Shrek and The Fantastic Mr Fox on high rotation.

I struggled with trying to mix work in with school holidays. It doesn’t work very well, especially when Lincoln’s pre-school is also on holidays for a few weeks, so there are two kids to referee and keep amused long enough for me to knock out some editing or essay writing. Fraser is also at an age where the age gap between him and his brother is having an impact. He’s not interested in playing with Lincoln’s little friends and he’s growing out of ABC Kids, resulting in TV-related arguments with Lincoln. So, next holidays? Insert more play dates and sporting camps.

At this end of the summer holidays I can say that it’s flown, but it was hard. And I’m learning that I need clearer boundaries for myself if I’m going to keep working from home. Anyway, let’s get back into the term routine shall we? Yes, please.

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  1. I’m with you Aprill – I simply can’t wait to get back into the term-time routine. No way I can entertain two kids for another week without grievous bodily harm being perpetrated on someone!

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