2011—Jettison This

I’m not used to 2011, yet. People have been talking about resolutions or goals. I don’t do that. I’ve seen people on Twitter talking about giving themselves one-word themes for the year. I don’t do that either, though I applaud the brevity.

But our garage has become a metaphor for my personal development. When we moved here we loaded everything into it. Anything worthy of floor-space inside our, considerably smaller, rental house came inside and everything else stayed out. In November, I loaded up the trailer with domestic stuff we no longer needed. Some of it sold but the trailer still came home full. A few days after new year we unloaded that sucker at the Salvos store. They were grateful and took just about everything except a couple of old computers. We drove away with an empty trailer and lighter hearts. There’s still a fair bit left in the garage. I’ll be going through it week by week to see what else can be passed on. We’ll also be selling a queen-size bed, an Ikea cot, and a chest freezer when I get around to it.

Everything I lay eyes on gets the once over in my head. Do I really need it? Has anyone actually used it?

Need stuff? I’m your gal.

And now I’m applying the same line of questioning to the things I choose to do with my time. Why am I doing this? Who is benefitting from it? I’ve been doing Open University for over a year—I’m on my 5th unit now. I haven’t been engaged with it for a little while. That could just be a bad choice of subject but truthfully, the choices don’t seem interesting enough at the moment. So when I’m done with this one, I’m going to give OUA a rest and focus on some writing courses instead. In the face of a growing work-load and some hair-brained schemes that are in the pipeline, I can afford to put OUA on the back burner for a while.

So yeah. Maybe there is a word for 2011. Jettison.

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