2010 Distilled


On the blog, 2010 kicked off with me intimating that big things were planned for this year. It’s a pity I didn’t list them but I’m pretty sure we’ve achieved what we’d set out to do.

In April, we rented out the farm and moved back to the burbs; Fraser changed schools; I left my employer of almost four years to commit full-time to my own business; and Lincoln changed pre-school.

In July, I had an article printed in a magazine.

In September we took the boys overseas and enjoyed Club Med, Bintan Island and Universal Studios in Singapore.

In November, Fraser had his first piano recital, we had our 9th wedding anniversary and we tried to sell the farm.

In December, I saw the Lemonheads, Oprah, and Arj Barker. Matt has also moved his office out of home and into a shared space in town, and the boys are now back to having their own rooms.

Interestingly, my most popular posts this year involved bad news, giveaways, and Lego. Ain’t that always the way?

On the cusp of 2011, I hope for our continued good health and happiness in living where we do, I hope we can finally sell the farm to people who’ll love to live there, I hope for more travel and to solidify plans of settling into a long-term family home, and I hope for the continued growth of our business.

What have been your big moments this year and what do you hope for the next one?

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