An Exercise in Surprise

Fraser has been learning piano since some time last year. He was offered the chance to perform in a recital last year but we weren’t around and he would have been completely unwilling to go up on stage. We committed to the recital this year because we’d seen Fraser perform at Club Med and he seemed to really enjoy it. He’s also been learning drums this year and he clearly has a musical bent, so it makes sense to get him used to the occasional performance.

He was the second performer on the program last Friday night but when he sat at the piano he was too scared to play and just wanted to escape. So his piano teacher suggested he wait at the side of the stage and watch a few of the other kids play, including a couple of his classmates from school. Once he’d seen them play, he was willing to give it a shot.

He started playing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, slowly but without any mistakes, followed by Ten Little Indians. I heard one of the primary school kids in the row behind us whisper to his mates “when he finishes, give him a big clap”. It was so nice to hear supportive comments from kids, that I must admit I was a little surprised. And I was so proud that he’d beaten those nerves and performed his two songs.


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