The Jolly Fat Man

Fraser is nearly seven and is just about finished year one. (boy! Where did that year go?) But the school environment being what it is, he’s finally started questioning whether Santa is real. We started putting the Christmas tree up last week, which is what prompted the question. Now, Lincoln was in the room, but I also didn’t want to end the magic right then and there so I fibbed. I said “of course, he’s real”. We’d just seen Santa on the steam train at Thirlmere the weekend before.

Then there was a number of other fibs about shopping centre Santas and “how does he get back home if there’s no sleigh”…

I think I was pretty convincing but I’m going to have to do something extra special this year to bring the magic back. What have you done around the house or yard to make it look like Santa really did come?


  1. leave some cookies on a plate, a glass of milk and a whole carrot….. and in the morning it will magically transform into a half eaten cookie and cookie crumbs on the plate, a half-empty glass of milk and a half-eaten carrot. (they were in too much of a rush to finish their snacks!!!)

    hope the boys (yes, all 3 of them) and you enjoy the rest of the year! lots of love xo

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