Parks by Colour

We’re lucky to have lots of parks to choose from in our area. It was Lincoln’s idea to start identifying them by colour. Up the road we have the red park, because it has a red roof and slide. The yellow park is a kilometre or so away and is so named because of its yellow roof. On Saturday we went to this one.


This is the green park. The only exception is the playground at Bradman Oval, which we call the steamroller park. Anyway, why is there always one solitary shoe left behind in public spaces? Who walks home with one shoe on?


  1. We name our parks too: the Blue Park, the Square Park, Hemi’s Park and thrillingly, the Park In The Dark! (We went there once while collecting Curry Laksas from the nearby Malay place and the kids got to play in the dark, which they’ve never forgotten.)

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