Links I Liked – Late Edition

I’ve been getting my links out on a Wednesday, so far. But a hectic week of sick kids and an epic fail of a hangover last weekend meant that it just didn’t happen.

So, here it is on a Saturday, instead.

Todd Sampson is the hott-looking ad man on the Gruen Transfer. This is a great article in today’s SMH about his childhood and what it meant for his stellar advertising career.

There was a home office feature in a recent Apartment Therapy post. I work from home and I’m always looking for ways to make it better. (Perhaps unpacking the rest of my boxes and decluttering would improve things.)

I’m a big fan of Men With Pens and a couple of weeks ago they had a guest post about confidence. If you think you don’t have enough confidence, read this and you might find you’re wrong.

Damn You Auto Correct is a new blog with posts showing iPhone auto correct fails. This did the rounds of Facebook a week or two ago and had me in fits of laughter. Crying fits.

And from YouTube today, here’s something for this Christmas season. Flippy the cat demonstrates how to wrap a gift cat for Christmas.

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