What to do With Odd Socks and Kids

Photo of Sock puppets

I threw out some socks, recently, that had holes in them. However, I felt bad throwing out the partners, of which there was nothing wrong. But I can’t bring myself to wear odd socks so I hung on to them with grander plans in mind. In typical form, they lingered on top of my bedroom drawers for some time.

Then, this week I got an email from Kids Craft Weekly and their feature craft was puppets. Including, no-sew sock puppets! So in between a busy week of cleaning for a rental inspection, working, prepping for a weekend away, and planning my retro travel special, I scavenged through my sewing supplies, cut up a bit of felt, assigned some buttons for eyes, and started stitching. I decided to sew the bits on, given the socks weren’t being returned to former use.

Easy peasey.

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