The Links I Like

Bookshelves – Most people I know are hot for a packed bookshelf and even better if those bookshelves are a considered design element of a room.

As a copywriter, I’m used to seeing dummy text in web designs. Get your Lorem Ipsum, gangsta-rap style from here.

Use Gmail? I was excited to find out from Mashable that there is now has an auto-advance feature. When you open an email, then delete or archive it, Gmail can now automatically open the next email without being sent back to the Inbox. I always wondered why it didn’t do that as an original feature.

Shoes of Prey illustration

I have been playing at Shoes of Prey a lot. For a week, I have been lusting after an illustration of a shoe that I designed and may actually pay to have made. That is more deliberation over a shoe than I ever done in. my. life. (I’m a one-pair-of-sneakers-til-they-die kind of gal.) When I pondered my design over twitter, Shoes of Prey pointed me to their YouTube clip of nude patent leather shoes. Now, I’m convinced.

Got any hot links? Put them in the comments.

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