Back to Basics


With the Summer almost here, and now that we’re closer to the coast than we used to be, we’ve made a few changes around this place. We’ve packed one TV away into the garage, leaving the one in our loungeroom, and we’ll be heading outdoors a lot more often. I’ve always enjoyed the beach but we’ve rarely gone because if it wasn’t too far away, then it was the sand and the sun that irritated Matt. But the rays from our computers and TV screens aren’t doing enough for our pasty nerd-complexions, so on Sunday we bought a beach tent, braved the forecasted rain and headed to the coast with our collection of sand toys and swimming gear.

It’s hard to admit, but after this many years we’ve finally realised that staying at home on a weekend (as much as I love it), is too much temptation to fall into the habit of allowing the kids to watch too much TV, while we work or play on our computers. There’s also a motivation to look for free fun, (or close to it), rather than making costly activities our first stop. So from now on, we’ll be heading to a park or a beach while the weather is warm. Next comes the art of perfecting the packing of an esky, instead of buying lunch.

What are your tips for an almost-free day away from home?

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