The Links I Like

The Design Files showed off a gorgeous range of whimsical wallpapers by Binny Talib.

And because I can’t wallpaper this rental house, I spent some time on this Apartment Therapy post about alternatives to wallpapering.

Oye Modern had a blog post up lately about a couple who chose unusual engagement and wedding rings. Though not intended as shameless self-promotion, (I did edit the story together), it inspired me to spend some time thinking about the choices I make. I have a habit of moving with the rest of the sheep and choosing the path of least resistance, instead of sticking my head up to look around at what works for me.

The Original Human Pac-Man Performance – this is fantastic, and self-explanatory; and over on YouTube there are several more, equally as good.

The Blogging Teacher – Paul Cunningham talks about where to find images for your blog.

Got some good links? Put them in the comments.

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