The links I Like

I’ve done a little housekeeping and ditched my blogroll. Instead of an ill-maintained, token nod to other bloggers, I’m going to regularly post links that I’ve enjoyed during the week. More importantly, I’ll tell you why I like them. Some will be useful, some will be entertaining, and others will have you scratching your head. But I can’t help that, some links are like a train-wreck and I can’t stop going back to check them out again and again.

This week:

Sarah Wilson‘s blog had a guest post by Masterchef winner, Julie Goodwin. It’s a sweet, moving post about Spirituality.

Seventeen fun facts about cats on The Oatmeal. I like the Oatmeal and I like cats.

The Annoying Orange and Lady Pasta. I’ve rediscovered Annoying Orange and the lyrics in this video made me laugh.

Eric Hammel has reviewed most, if not all, of the tools available to self-publishers.

Keenan Cahill is a 16 year old kid with a YouTube channel. Sometimes he lip-syncs to songs and sometimes he’ll do the singing while the song plays in his headphones. He came up in the Most Viewed This Week list so I did some clicking around. I kept coming back to this one…like a train-wreck.


  1. I just commented, but got:
    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.


    ( what I wrote was: *like* and then a smiley face: :) )

    Sometimes less is more :)


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