Not a Morning Person

With Matt away in Japan, it’s been a week of slacko meals, studying and slight exhaustion. I’m pretty tired. I think I’ve had a mild virus but I’m also a natural night owl and have been unable to go to sleep much before midnight.

Not to mention the copious amount of News & Politics information that I’ve been reading. Political and journalistic theory is not the most riveting material.

A night owl needs someone who’s willing to get up and manage the early risers in the household a few mornings a week to allow some recoupment of sleep. With Matt away, I have been the sole recipient of Lincoln’s attention from 5 am every day.

Don’t get me wrong. I am exactly the sort of neglectful parent who will send the child out once the clock turns 6am to the supervision of his 6 year old brother and then try to claim an extra 30 minutes to one hour of sleep.

Some days that works out just fine. Other days, the gamble hasn’t paid off and I’ve woken up to a smashed glass jar of sugar or a container of dry rice on the floor. The other day Lincoln came to my bedside and said something about birthday cake. In my stupor, I simply said “no cake”. And then i woke to mixing bowls and flour all over the kitchen floor.

Well, Matt returns this Saturday and whilst he’s allowed to claim a sleep-in on Sunday for Father’s Day, rest assured, this night owl will be booking him in for early bird duty the rest of the week. ;)

I am excited though, to have the studying over for a while. My exam was yesterday – 40 question multi-choice – and now I have started a new unit through RMIT. Writing Angles covers popular and professional writing and some of the theory behind it all. I hope to see the benefits in my work but I also hope to spark some idea generation of my own.

Meanwhile: I had promised Fraser I would take him to play mini golf after school today but it’s been raining and I’m not fussed. So I may be placating him with a dinner at McDonalds, instead.

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