Window shopping

I went for a stroll around Bowral last weekend. I finally went and had a look inside the Crystal Palace antique store that I’d been admiring for a while. They do all their own re-upholstery.

Dog show ribbon cushion covers.

I love these cushions that have been made from dog show ribbons.

Reupholstered dining chairs

These dining chairs have all be re-upholstered in different coloured fabrics. It made me want to get rid of our dark, heavy, Indian styled dining table and chair that we currently have.

Reupholstered chairs

And these chairs refinished in a glossy black enamel and bright patchwork satin fabric.

For those of you wondering about Lincoln’s toilet training…

Things are going quite well. Lots of toilet success with #1s. Not so much with #2s, but I’m sure we’ll get there soon enough. We’re officially in undies now, anyway. Hooray!

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  1. What a great idea of making cushion covers out of dog show ribbons. Sooo practical

    and …..on ya Linky !!!! xxx

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