It’s Time to Stop Financing Huggies

I’ve finally committed to toilet training Lincoln. He’s nearly 3.25yo. Fraser had it sorted out for daytimes before he was 3. But I was lucky with him—he’d picked it up from daycare.
Lincoln hasn’t had the same motivation, and I’ve been waiting for it to happen. With us going to Singapore in 6-or-so weeks I need this done. So I sent him to preschool yesterday in undies, equipped with a million spares. I did the same today. Apparently, he’s been doing very well with no accidents. At home it’s a bit different. I keep forgetting to prompt him to go and he’s still not telling me he needs to poo. So I’ve already had to deal with a few undie-poos. Nice.

Anyway, as I said, I’m committed now, so I will just have to set an alarm to remind myself to prompt him to go. Bribery has been working well. A marshmallow for every wee in the toilet and chocolate money for poo. No success on the second one yet.

Fingers crossed for speedy progress, and let me know if you’ve got any tips for this process.

In uni news, I’m excited to report I got 90% on my political issue news story I handed in a week ago, 77% for the media story before that. Obviously, I’ve learnt something in the middle there. Now I’m cramming on the theory stuff for the exam on the 1st September.


  1. it’s not bribery – it’s BEHAVIOUR MANAGEMENT hehe :) food works well with young kids – it’s an immediate reward that means something to them. maybe you could break it down even further and also reward him when he TELLS YOU he needs to go to the toilet (regardless of what type of visit it is) because you mentioned he hasn’t asked to go, so that’s obviously something you want him to do.

    good luck with it all, i’ve never toilet trained a kid but i’ve done this sort of reward system with kids in my classes and it does work. keep it simple, keep it consistent and keep it fun. xx

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