Highland Holidays

Finally, today is the last day of the school holidays. Our school had a full extra week of holidays before the rest of NSW as we don’t have the pupil-free Mondays. So it was with some trepidation that I entered this three week school break. However, I needn’t have worried. It really was a break, even for me.

No clock-watching in the mornings and afternoons, less hustling kids out the door, no uniform washing, no shoe-polishing, and I didn’t have to make school lunches in the morning before I got to have a cup of tea.

Tomorrow, it all starts again. With four swimming lessons a week thrown into the mix – one for Lincoln, three for Fraser.

In spite of the hectic term to come, we’ve had a busy time off. Fraser has had playtime with friends, been out to lunch, shopping with me, ice skating, sleepovers with Nanny and Poppy, bowling, putt putt, movies, tennis camp, more movies, more bowling, more putt putt, bike riding rock climbing, bush walking and more playtime with more friends.

June School Holidays 2010

Then there were the less interesting things like dental appointments, doctor appointments and haircuts.

After all that, I’m looking forward to getting back my two school days a week of work and study.

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