Always take a lucky friend to the meat raffles.

Friday night is meat raffle night at our local pub. We proposed the idea to a couple of friends when one of them proclaimed that they often have a bit of luck at these things. Well, I’m glad they came because he won two of the three meat trays on offer. Hoorah!

My second tip is: make a gentleman’s agreement to split the goods, whoever wins.

So with two meat trays and a few extra snags we came together, with an extra family or two, for a combined BBQ picnic on a chilly afternoon last weekend by the dam near Fitzroy Falls.

We had our super-nieces for a sleepover on Saturday so it was great to have something with lots of other kids (and food) to knock off a few hours of the day.

We were home by dinner and bath time and the little ones headed to bed first. From 7pm to 8am we did not hear a peep. Lily and Lincoln were obviously shattered from a busy day with no nap. Outstanding.

The next day the four kids just played here at home followed by lunch at Maccas, and then the girls went home to Sydney with Matt.

I tell you what. They aren’t exceptionally noisy kids. They were all just doing what they do. But my house has never been so quiet with my two kids still in it.

And then I think of those friends of mine that have four of their own kids in the house all the time! And what about those people that have more?! There should be a medal for that.

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