The toothfairy and a giveway

I’ve been slaving away madly, wrapping up this cultural studies unit I’ve been doing through OUA. I’ve submitted the essay and now I just have to hope the best while I move on to the next one – News and Politics. I’m looking forward to this unit. It’s less intense and more practical. Not that cultural studies doesn’t have some practical use but it’s more esoteric than my day-to-day life requires.

So here I am, back in the land of the blogging. I promised pictures in my recent tweet. Behold – our first visit from the toothfairy happened on the 14th.

Lost tooth

S/he left a handwritten “thank you” on a slip of paper with tin foil stars stuck on it, along with $2.

No more than five days later TF was back again with another thank you note and $2. No thanks, to a self-inflicted basketball to the face.

I think I was more excited about it than Fraser was, as to me, it marks the next stage of growing up. I look forward to seeing what interests my children will have and what sort of people they will become. I am not so sad about memories of the babies they no longer are.

I never have been very sentimental.

Lincoln has begun to enjoy is new preschool and this week, we’ve had no tears at drop-off! He loves craft and painting, and yesterday they made pictures of robots. I’m actually thinking of setting up a craft project for the ten kids to do at his birthday party in a week or so.


Lastly, today I have a little giveaway. I’ve been sorting through boxes of things in my office. Amongst the piles of paperwork that needs filing are these delicate laser cut paper-cuts from China. There are ten, of varying designs and colours.

Chinese paper-cut

I don’t know where they originally came from but I can’t envisage ever using them. In my efforts to minimise, I’ve decided to pass them on to one of you. Leave a comment here and I will select at random next Thursday, May 3rd.


  1. At 8 P has just cottoned on to the “truth” about the TF but I still leave the money in the hopes she will be tricked back into it. That imaginative world of the child is so wonderful, I want her to keep it as long as she can.

    I have been looking at silhouettes as a possible art/craft project. I have an idea in my mind but not the confidence to do it yet. Maybe I will be inspired…

  2. $2 a tooth seems to be the going rate here too. Dave
    put $4 down one night and I freaked reminding him we will have to do
    that for every tooth now. Lol

    Hope Lincoln has a great birthday.

    Those cutouts are very pretty

    take care. Xo

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