SoHi Shopping Finds

I’ve spoken of the awesomeness of farmers markets before. While Matt was out on a mountain bike ride on Saturday morning I took the boys to Bowral Farmer’s Market. I did the thing I seem to do at fresh food markets–buy seafood, fresh bread, and some fruit. I even got the mother’s day presents for the grandmothers there. It’s on the second Saturday of each month. I think I know where I’ll be going regularly.

In other shopping news I stopped in to a beautiful new store in Moss Vale yesterday. I’ve been patiently waiting for it to be open and then it took another month for me to be in transit through Moss Vale without the kids. Anyway, Made by Others is a new design store full of lots of different things designed and made in Australia.

There are lots of super cute birdy things and I couldn’t help but buy these sweet bird cage earrings, and a lovely warm pair of fingerless gloves. I love the colour of this yarn and the pattern. They’re made by Kim Simon of Fibre Red.

And of course that ring I’m wearing is from my good friends at Oye Modern. I decided to buy myself a little celebration gift for my recent career change. Isn’t it lovely? I can’t wait until it gets a little tarnish in there to add a whole bunch of extra character.

If you’re ever in the Southern Highlands looking for some good food and shopping, check out SoHi magazine. They’ve got their fingers on the hipster pulse.

(Thanks Lady Smaggle for the inspiration to wear arm socks.)

See the ugly brown couch in the background there? I’m getting quotes to have in recovered in a charcoal commercial-grade fabric. It’s a solid, sprung frame so worthy of re-upholstering.


  1. Oh, I like those gloves! The colour is divine!
    I had to go hunt for my fingerless gloves after seeing this post, so now I have toasty warm hands.
    Those earrings are very cute too.

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