Office space

I’m working through Mount Boxmore and have finally made my office into a workable space. Obviously, I still need to straighten up the bookshelves. That’s my next job, I promise.
Office space
H&B’s suggestion for the question in my last post was spot-on. Thanks for the tip. I’ve gone and photographed the memorable items from Fraser’s school work and snaffled one particularly excellent piece for my office wall.
Kindy school work
I’m still getting used to some aspects of suburbia. Sir Yapsalot, next door, yaps a lot whenever I hang out the washing; the light spill from the street lights keeps the house bathed in an eerie relative daylight, compared to the absolute darkness of our acres; and the proximity of neighbours means I must be mindful of the noise we create in the back yard.

All things considered, though, I’ve no doubts we’ve made the right move. I’ve volunteered for the kitchen garden committee that is being set up at school and Fraser is about to start drum lessons.

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