Settling in

We’ve been in our new house for 2.5 weeks now and I’m still the Mayor of Box Town. Although, the boxes are slowly receding and I’m coming to realise just how many half-finished craft projects I had shut away in cupboards.

Then there’s all the artwork I did when I was at school. Mum hung onto it for 30 years and has finally handed it over to me. I’ve just started collecting my boys’ school work and paintings with no end in sight. What to do with mine? I must admit, I’m not the most sentimental person in terms of keeping mementos. My memory has held up pretty well and the last ten years of recollections have been blogged somewhere or other. And then there’s the boxes of photo albums I have from before the age of digital cameras. So do I chuck it out, like I’m wont to do? Surely, no future civilisation will benefit from my crude drawings of caterpillars etc.

And what of boys’ artwork and school work. Do you keep all the books of handwriting and drawings that the teacher gives you at the end of each year? Do you keep a few pearlers and chuck the rest in the bin?

Fraser’s almost done with his second week in his new school. He’s taken to it well after some tears upon delivery on the first day. He’s already found a new friend and has a few others there that he already knew. Lincoln has had a harder time adapting to his new preschool environment. Today is only his second day but he was quite emotional yesterday and I can only hope it will get better with time.

Kami has settled in remarkably well. He’s been allowed outside this week and hasn’t yet run away. Perhaps the cream cheese on his paws actually did work!


  1. Re: the ‘artwork’ – go through it, if you like it, or it’s sentimental, take a digi-pic of it, and destroy the original. Harsh yes, but really, what DO you do with all that crap? It’s soul-destroying IMO, as it mounts, breeds, takes over.

    Re: the photos. Same boat, and you’ve probably got as much time to deal with it as I do. I’m actually more worried about the stuff post-film, you know, that you never print out, or that died with the hard-drive that time. I suppose we all take too many pics these days, so documenting society as a whole may not be a problem in a historical sense .. but I think i’ve lost a couple of years I saved on discs I then think the children used as toys.. ahem.. because they were quiet, and oh, I needed the peace at the time.. you know the deal.

    Good luck with it all ;)

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