So i guess you’ve been waiting patiently for the big news. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you would have had that hot gossip yesterday. I couldn’t contain myself.

Now that this crazy cat is out of the bag, I can tell you what’s happening.

You already know we’re moving. We’ve rented our house out and will be moving into a rental ourselves, next week. We’ll be living within walking distance to Fraser’s new school. There’s a playground across the road, friends around the corner, streetlights, garbage collection and a five minute trip to the shops.

The house is quite a bit smaller than what we’re used to. Luckily, we’re already fairly minimal in terms of stuff, but we’ll be sharing a much smaller space. We’re going to try and have the boys sharing a bedroom so that we can have a dedicated playroom and office.

I think the boys will enjoy their time sharing a room but Fraser is easily disturbed at nights when Lincoln cries out for his lost blanky or pillow. I hope that over time he just gets used to the occasional disturbance and learns to roll over and go back to sleep.

Downsizing means we’ll be storing some furniture but also selling off things we can no longer fit in the house.
(I think I’ll be having a garage sale in the near future.)

This isn’t the only change, though. I’ve also resigned from work. I’ve been working in IT for around 13 years. My work has always been a part of my identity and even though I’ve spent so many years in IT, I’ve never been particularly passionate about it. The roles I’ve had have been varying degrees of challenging but I haven’t been fully engaged with this work for many years.

Last year I had something of a revelation. A friend was looking for a copywriter and it was like a lightbulb went off. I thought, “I reckon I could do that.” So I started talking to people and investigating options and work fell into my lap. My brain came alive. It’s interesting, creative, but still technical enough to satisfy my left brain, and I can do this work from anywhere.

So, I’m parting ways with the IT industry on the 22nd April. (We’re still friends, though.)
I’ll be more available to the boys while they go through their primary school years, I can grow my business and I’ll contine my Open University studies.

While the decision to move was easy, the process of working out how to do it most effectively was a long one. We kicked off the conversation a year ago. Once the plan was finally set down, though, we put it in action straight away. Within two weeks we had our house rented, a rental house confirmed, the removalists booked, and Fraser’s new school uniform bought. The only thing left to do is organise Lincoln’s new pre-school for just two days a week instead of the four that he currently does.


We don’t muck around.


  1. Congratulations on having such a positive outlook on the future. It’s great to read about someone who is embracing change in their life and moving forward instead of focusing on negative things instead.

    I hope that your move and transition to new school/pre-school goes smoothly. Being able to work as a copywriter from home will be great and I hope that lots more contacts come your way now that you will have more time available to do the work.

    Now that my youngest is at school I’m hoping to do something similar – pick up some extra freelance writing work. There are a few possibilities in the pipeline and it will be interesting to see how things develop this year.

    By the way, my boys share a room and seem to manage just fine. :-)

  2. @Chookie – that is a nice blog! Look at those teeny kitchens. Thanks for the tip.

    @Susan – thanks for the anecdotal evidence of your room-sharing boys doing well in that arrangement.

    I’ve had lots of encouraging words from lots of people, so thanks everyone!

  3. Well done and congratulations on your changes and moves. All sounds very exciting!

    Thanks Chookie. Love that blog you posted. Always looking for small space storage ideas even if our place is a little bigger than most of those units.

  4. I *love* it!! I love it that you’ve had a revelation, made some plans, and gone for it – i’m sure you know I can relate :D I also love how you just *do* stuff that feels right – again, us too – never look back, keep moving forward – x

    Our boys share a bedroom and it’s not a problem, I quite like it actually, and because there’s no toys in there, it’s a calm, quiet CLEAN little place. The playroom however – UGH! – well, i’d be a lot happier if it was smashed down and made into a new kitchen and ALL the toys in this house were shipped off to Timbuktoo ;)

    I should have invited you over when you were down – next time maybe :)

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