Goodbye Summer, Hello Winter

The Entrance
The Entrance

We’ve seen the summer off now and it’s just about time for the heater and ugg boots again. This summer seemed way too short but I’m glad we spent the last of it on the coast.

We kicked off our break with a walk through the farmers market. I LOVE a food related market. There’s something romantic about food that comes straight from the producer to me. I bought fresh wholemeal rolls, a tray of shucked oysters, a bag of school prawns and a few punnets of strawberries. That was our lunch for the day.

We watched the pelican feeding; had turns on the carnival rides; met up with friends at Terrigal for fish & chips and a play in the sun; we went to the reptile park; played in the water park; swam in the hotel pool; and of course, enjoyed eating out every night.

We had such an active day on Sunday, with loads of running around and sunshine, that Lincoln fell asleep at 4pm and didn’t wake up until 7am the next day. I woke him to change his nappy and shorts, and offered dinner but he declined.

In between the activities we played Uno, dominos, Munchkin, and read.

Well, I tried to read my Cultural Studies textbook and tried to absorb the information but it’s a whole other dialect and I fear it may take some time to wade through. However, I’m up for the challenge as the content looks interesting, once I get past the language barrier.

My exam, last week, went well, I think. I was armed with lots of information in my head and I can only hope I transcribed enough to the page. I know, for sure, that my essay structure is out the window under time pressure. That should get better with more experience. Thankfully, though, my new unit does not have a supervised exam, just a couple of assignments and quizzes.


    1. Hah. No, not banned. But where we live there’s not much of Spring or Autumn, so I tend to just refer to the extremes. It’s inaccurate and a little lazy – that’s how I roll. ;)

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