Five day weekend

I have my first university exam in an hour. Im preparing…and also experimenting with the WordPress iPhone app. Talented, arent I?

Im sure Ill do just fine.

Were off to The Entrance for a little holiday this afternoon. Five days away to catch the last of summer temperatures.

Have a great weekend!


    1. Well, I think the exam went OK. I certainly knew enough but I can only hope I wrote enough. Though, my short answers were too long and my essay was too short. We’ll see. ;)

  1. Hi! I’ve stumbled across your blog via ‘reading upside down’. I’m about to become a ‘follower’.
    I’m also back at uni, it’s been 18 years since I completed my first degree.
    Which course are you doing? I’m study through OUA, Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) and am just starting to get into the text I spotted pictured in your post, ‘a guide to learning independently’. Week 3 for me, so very early days :)
    Looking forward to reading more here.

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