Lego Management

Plush lego man

Lego is big in our house, finally. Fraser got two new Lego kits from his fairy godparents Bindy and Dan for his birthday and since then, Lincoln has been championing the Lego cause. He started taking Lego men everywhere with him and we’ve lost one in the car somewhere, as a result. It’s the Bermuda triangle in there because I’ve cleaned out the car and still can’t find the “spaceman”. To combat Lego men disappearances I bought this supersized plush Lego man from Kmart. He has a velcro removable hat and articulated arms. He’s about 40 cm tall and comes in four different varieties? characters?, from the Lego City range.

Anyway, cute..and highly visible. Much less likley to get lost or lose a hand or, God forbid, a head.

So the Duplo is being retired to the shed for the next baby in the family and the Megabloks are being given away to a neighbour for her fledgling daycare business. That leaves us with Fraser’s collection of Lego City in one small tub and Matt’s original Lego collection in another tub.

I’m now wondering how to manage all of it. Do I continue keeping them separate? Should I combine it all? Do you split yours into different colours, keep your Lego ranges separated, or merge the lot into one big knobby, kaleidoscopic mountain?


  1. We had all of ours mixed into one giant tub. All colours, sizes and styles jumbled up in a massive Lego free-for-all. So fun.

  2. Ha – I went through this several years ago with boys # 1 & #2 – Boy # 3 is addicted and as a result, everything (thousands & thousands of pieces) now reside on the old Thomas train table.) I got so sick of Lego being EVERYWHERE on the floor – at least this is abit easier to manage. Kids like to build their own creations, therefore it is too hard to keep it all separate. In short, my answer is put it all together, but keep ALL of the instructions, that way kids can be creative and also it is a great rainy day activity to actually recreate the bits that came as a set.

  3. So far we only have Duplo and we keep it in one under-bed storage box. As kids our Lego was all in a giant bag but I think a tub would have been better – I think keeping it seperate is a recipe for driving you mental. I can’t wait for ‘real’ Lego – we’ll get some as soon as Kiz gets to the age when he’s less likely to choke on a Lego-man-head.

    I’m trying to work out how to store cars and other vehicles. Does one keep the matchbox (/Hot Wheels/etc) seperate from the bigger plastic and wooden stuff (Little Poeple etc).

  4. Your ideas are good, Siobhan and chartreuse, or else it could wind up Tub City in here.

    As for cars.. I have a small tub that’s full of cars of various types and road signs, a big tub of Hot Wheels track and a big tub of Little People sets.

  5. When the collection is small it’s better to have everything in one place. I used to have two of the milk-crate-sized (but solid- no holes) tubs from ikea, one of which held all the loose lego, on a sheet, bundled up in a knapsack arrangement when stored, and spread out on the floor when in use. Keeping it on a sheet allows for instant pack-up. The other tub was for built stuff to go in. To avoid lego losses, have a designated area and prohibit lego from leaving that area.

    When the collection gets large it can be beneficial to separate things again into broad categories but the boys can figure that out by themselves, if it becomes necessary. My lego is in separate buckets for 1x flats, 2x flats, 1x and 2x bricks, plates, wheels, angled, and ‘everything else’. Oh and technic is separate too.

    One last thing- putting lego collections together is a one-way ride. There’s no going back from that!

  6. We – theoretically- colour code and then there’s also a “people” drawer for lego peeps and their accessories. But our lego accumulation over the last 2 birthdays and Christmas sent this system spiraling out of control and until I bring in a bigger storage container (chest of drawers) we are living in chaos. Someone told me an idea I liked (after I’d already gone with the colour-coding drawer system) which was a great big piece of circular fabric with a drawstring, close the drawstring to make a bag for storage, loosen the drawstring (somehow) for playtime, so when you undid the lego bag it doubled as a playmat and made clean up much simpler.

  7. A “people” draw is a great idea. They are the favourite bits, at the moment. One day the collection may warrant an entire chest of draws. *boggle*

  8. When my boys all graduated to the regular Legos, we started out trying to keep certain sets, etc. all separate. That really didn’t last long until everything was just a big mumble jumble of Legos! LOL

    I love that Lego man plushie – he is too cool! I hadn’t seen him before! :)

  9. Are these Lego plush toys still available in K-mart? I have actually missed out on those when they first came out. Where did you get it for your little man? I’d love to get some for my nephew and niece (and myself!) :)

  10. Where about is your local Kmart? I am in Melbourne and I don’t mind going to a few Kmarts searching for them! I know it’s a bit silly to go to interstate (ACT, NSW, SA etc but probably not WA,QLD, they’re too far lol) to find the whole set, but I really would love to get the set for my nephew and niece’s birthday. Tried to look for them on ebay, people sell them for a ridiculous price i.e. $59.95 – $79.95 and only for the model you’ve got (albeit the nicest one in the set I reckon). :)

  11. I picked up the fireman Lego man plush from my local Kmart where I don’t usually go. They also had the policeman ones but strangely, people pinched all of their hats. I then drove to the other side of town to three other Kmarts, in one of them I finally saw the construction Lego man (along with the policemen and firefighters) but they were covered in lint and fluff! All of the hats were all gone too! I wonder why people would do that, is it because they stole all the different hats so that the Lego man they actually bought could change hats like with ordinary Lego men??? :(

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