Light and Bright

It’s time to lighten things up around here, kids. I have a few design blogs in my RSS feeds and decor8 had a fabulous link in it this week to Will Taylor’s Bright Bazaar blog.

I promise not to become one of those design blogs. I simply don’t have time to sit and trawl flickr and hundreds of design blogs all day. But with our house for sale, I dare to dream. We’ll be moving and I’ll have an established house to makeover.

So, I went through Will’s entire blog and selected a few photos that speak my name. Each photo clicks through to the post it came from. Photo credits availble from the source.

colour in wallpaper
Casette tape wallpaper that you can colour in!
whiteboard wall
An entire wall of whiteboard.
craft space
Craft room. Though, it's a bit too red for me.
blue bedroom
Bold blue bedroom. I love the floor.
CK cutlery
Cath Kidson cutlery. I'd love this set for everyday.

These are a few of my favourite design blogs. Which ones do you love and what have I been missing out on?

The Design Files, Making it Lovely, Decorno, Door Sixteen, Brabourne Farm, Knack Studios, Ish and Chi.


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