The rain has stopped

In the week since my last post I’ve thought about E many times. I freqently google her name in the hopes some new link will turn up with some information. An explanation. I’m torn between getting the old photos out–I know I have a few of her–and not wanting to.

I’m comforted by all the comments I’ve had since that post, in here, on Facebook and on Twitter. So, thank you. I’m saddened that some of you have experienced this loss in some way and yet, I’m encouraged. Last week I had more clicks and comments than I’ve ever had and I take heart that this may translate to an increased awareness. When you hear an unfamiliar sound next door, the sound of immense sadness, knock on the door. Offer a kind shoulder or a gentle ear. Check in with your neighbours and your friends, and shepherd them towards the help they might desperately need. You may be saving someone’s life.


As though knowing my mood, it rained all last week, with a consistent downpour across the weekend. We didn’t have any plans and besides swimming lessons on Saturday morning, I didn’t want to risk going out in case we couldn’t get back in. It’s not unlikely for us to get flooded in after such an amount of rain so we stayed home and played with the Lego. We had Lego spread all over the rug and a floor picnic of party pies and pastries from the bakery. This week the sun is out, the lower bridge is reopened today and the school bus is running.

We’re back in the old routine again.

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  1. It is so sad that many of us have stories of people we know or family who’ve taken their life, leaving us to wonder what was going through their heads. Sometimes these things are just unknowable. I feel sad for their pain and for those left behind to wonder if that call had been made, that question asked….?

    As I am finding out doing family history research, families though time have had to suffer great loss. I am often asking myself as I read some of the very tragic stories found in military records, through death certificates or newspaper reports, how have they had the strength to go on? But they did and so do we.

    I am glad the sun is out again. I like the idea of Lego therapy :-)

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