School’s back

For Christmas I gave Matt tickets to the Twilight at Taronga concert featuring Katie Noonan singing the songs of Lennon & McCartney. I bought three tickets – one for me because I like Katie Noonan, and one each for Matt and Fraser because they both love Beatles Rockband. Lincoln would have been able to get in for free but we decided to leave him with Nanny and Poppy so that he wouldn’t disrupt Fraser’s enjoyment of the music, or the other patrons.

Twilight at Taronga

We arrived about twenty minutes before the show and were lucky to find a corner of grass on a highpoint, on which to spread our picnic blanket. Whilst the songs weren’t instantly recognisable in some cases, having been given the jazz treatment, Fraser enjoyed hearing the different instruments and seeing the big double bass. The singing was beautiful, (I love Katie’s voice), and the lit stage was spectacular in front of the city backdrop and ominous-looking grey clouds.

The rain held off for the most part until the last few minutes where we made for shelter to watch the end of the show before heading back to the car. Thankfully, we didn’t need to break out the emergency poncho which we would have, somehow, had to share between the three of us.

When we go to Twilight at Taronga in future, we’ll make sure we get there much earlier for the primo view. And bring extra emergency ponchos.

In other news:

Fraser started back at school last Thursday. He’s in a composite year K/1 class with most of last year’s classmates. Some have gone into a composite year 1/2. He hasn’t yet got into the groove of being back at school. He won’t tell me much about his day except to say that he’d rather be at home than do “art stuff” and he keeps asking for days off. I hope he’s just taking some time to settle back in and that the teenage-surly isn’t starting early.

He turns six this Friday. He’s requested spaghetti for dinner, just like last year. We’re planning on taking him rock climbing this Saturday and on Sunday we’ll have a little party at home with a few of his friends and his two cousins.

I’m still wrapped up in university study. I just submitted my second essay and assignment this week. My next milestone is the exam on 5th March. I did well in my first essay and assignment, (D and HD respectively), so I hope the trend continues.
Meanwhile, I’ve enrolled for the next unit which is through Macquarie Uni.

Happy hump day!

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