It doesn’t take much

It doesn’t take much for me to have a great weekend.

I got the sunlounge out of the shed on Friday and cleaned it off. By Saturday it was dry and ready for my lazy arse to be parked on it with a book–or in these Modern Times, the Kindle. At 10 am I slip-slop-slap’ed the kids and sent them outside for recreation while I lay on the sunlounge, on the lawn, in the shade of the solitary wattle tree. Fraser was bored in about five minutes and said “I don’t like outside”. I advised him to take a look around.

Look at this view! The fluffy white clouds, the blue sky. There’s a tiny plane flying across the sky! The green patch work quilt of the paddocks. Oh! there’s a ladybug. Did you see that huge mushroom under the stairs to the cubbyhouse? It’s huge! When we move house we won’t have all this to look at, son, so take it in while you can.

Eventually, they started amusing themselves and I got around an hour of quality reading time in.

Sunday was just as good with a family picnic in Mittagong. We found a refurbished park area with new play equipment, a lake, cycle paths, and plenty of shade trees. We took the scooters, ate vegemite rolls and read the paper. Read the paper! It’s been an age since I could sit and read the paper while the kids are up and around. As the kids get older there’s a sense of freedom and liberation gradually welling up within me.

Earlier today, I was repacking Lincoln’s daycare bag and noticed he was running low on summer clothes. So I pulled down the storage bag of Fraser’s old size 3 clothes and we’re all set. I looked at him and how he’s getting taller, wondered with amazement at how much his language has improved since we ditched the dummies and considered the size 2 clothes that will have to be passed on soon. I was wistful…for thirty seconds.

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  1. Aprill,
    I noticed you mentioned the “kindle”. Do you like using one? I have been considering getting one but I am a bit old fashioned and wonder if I would miss holding the book in my hand. I am afraid it will be less….oh I don’t know “warm”…mechanical….?? Do you like it?

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