Last minute preparation

We’re off to Batemans Bay for Christmas this year. Kami is in the cattery, we’ve had a family Christmas last weekend and tomorrow we’ll be packing our stuff to head off Thursday morning.

When we get there we’ll pick up our boot-load of seafood, and relax with champagne in hand with Bindy and family. We’ve rented a house together for the weekend and we’re looking forward to having a lot of fun.

Among my last minute preparations was throwing together a Santa sack for Lincoln. Bindy made Fraser one for his first Christmas and I never got around to organising one for Lincoln. Until tonight.

Need a last minute Santa sack?

  • Buy one pillowcase – $4 on sale
  • Buy contrasting fat quarter and length of gold ribbon (or check your stash) – $4
  • Use adhesive stuff together with your contrasting fabric and cut letter shape with pinking shears (‘L’ is easy)
  • Iron, peel off backing paper, iron again onto the pillowcase.
  • Crazy freehand machine-stitch around letter
  • Stuff with gifts and tie ribbon around top. Voila!

I wish all my readers and persistent comment spammers a lovely, peaceful Christmas. May your 2010 be blessed and fulfilling, and may the spammers get better paying jobs.

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