Lincoln is 2 and a half

Today, Lincoln is 2 and a half. I haven’t measured his height but he’s recently shot up. I’m sure he’ll have Matt’s build, while Fraser may have mine. He’s just starting the infamous two year old tantrum phase but out in public he is a perfect delight. He’s funny, cheeky, loves his brother and copies *everything*. He calls Fraser ‘Weewah’, is still attached to his blanky and ‘nummy’, is still in a cot and having a daytime nap most days of 1.5-2 hours. He’s mad on playing with cars and trucks, loves reading books, and when he’s sitting in the back of the car he yells “Mum, see! Mum, see!” until I flick the rear vision mirror down for him to see my reflection.

He has exactly the same effect on people that Fraser did at that age. He’s engaging, cute, and is usually the chosen subject of child care projects by students because he’s so affable and co-operative. At home he does say ‘no’ but if we persist he’ll back down with a weary ‘alright’.

Oh yes, he has perfected the frown and can often be seen sporting one unprovoked.

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