Birdy num num

Not so recent actually, but in September I heard Bridbird was having a sale. I had been eyeing off her sweet gocco prints of peacocks and fantails for a while so I ponied up with the cash. Bridget was moving from Melbourne to Ireland so she was having a big clear-out of her stock and generously included some bonuses. I just love her bird sketches and I’m so excited to have the peacock print at last.

Bridget Farmer prints

Gocco is tres chic these days. I had one when I was a kid! I wonder if Mum still has it.

I have such a stockpile of prints that need framing.

And to spread the birdy love even more, I just bought a brand new Penny Scallan makeup case. I’ve been on the hunt for a new one for some time. (Tired of hauling my wares around in a plastic bag.)

I saw this bag in a kids clothing store!

Then there’s my Aunty Cookie purchases from last week’s Handmade market.

And do you know what happens tomorrow? I am going away with a girlfriend to stay at a beachside hotel, have day spa treatments, and eat from the seafood buffet. I hope your weekend is as good as mine will be!

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