Julie & Julia – the second viewing.

There’s a cool, misty drizzle this morning. A welcome change from the oven-style temperatures of the weekend.

I made my way down to Canberra with the boys on Saturday to go to Handmade Market at the Yarralumla Woolshed with Miss Bindy and family. I was planning on finishing off Christmas shopping and buying things I’d been eyeing off online for ages. But the heat messed with my purchasing power and I only came away with a few items – a print and toofie softie from Aunty Cookie, and a knitted donut rattle for a new baby that’s on the way. I admired many things – totebags and bowls made from recycled vinyl records, lots of gorgeous kids clothes, necklaces made from colourful plastic buttons and art. I loitered around some stalls but lacked the conviction to buy. Lucky for some vendors, I’ll be able to hit their Etsy stores later.

But the highlight of the day was spotting the celebrity bloggers. Of course, I did have a little chat with Aunty Cookie but I also saw Lady Smaggle, and Nina Ribena of Tango & James and Canberra’s Got Style. I’m sure there were more. I’m sorry I didn’t get to say hello to Lady Smaggle in particular, but I was a little shy and too far away to shout across the crowd of people.

After a couple of hours of browsing in the stifling heat we all sat around in the shade eating/drinking slushies before heading back to our place for an easy chicken and salad dinner. It’s been a while since we last caught up so we stayed up chatting and planning our Christmas holiday to Batemans Bay.

After they left on Sunday, Lincoln went back to bed for a nap, Fraser watched Futurama on the other telly and I watched Julie & Julia again from start to finish, undistracted. It’s my new favourite movie. I laughed, I cried – tears of joy – at how they each achieved their dreams and I loved how devoted Julia and Paul Child were to each other. I had a big cry at the end, and then Fraser started crying, even though he had no idea what he was crying about.

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  1. Julie and Julia is also my favourite movie at the moment, for all the same reasons it’s yours. The mutual admiration, respect, and devotion between Julia and Paul makes me want to see the movie for the 3rd time. xx

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