Do I need a deadline?

The cat is sitting on my recliner and I am on the couch with the fan on at 10 pm. It’s been on for 12 hours and the temperature is still .. sweaty.

I ask about a deadline because I am watching ‘Julie & Julia’ whilst blogging. I haven’t blogged in an age. I’ve been busy and so, I am becoming a multi-tasking demon. The problem with watching a movie at the same time as blogging is that the brain hears, and sees, but can’t actually comprehend both activities at once. So, at less than half way through this movie I am almost certain I will have to watch it again some time.

Anyway, this blogging.. absence.. has made me wonder if I need a self-imposed deadline. Should I be aiming to blog once a week, before close-of-business on a particular day? Do you look for me in your bloglines or RSS reader every week? Quite frankly, I can’t keep up with the daily crowd, so forget that. But truly, I have just been busy.

Since my last post I’ve put up the chore chart and we are making headway. Fraser empties the bath toys and water every night, he feeds the cat, and he puts away the clean, folded clothes whenever they appear on his bed—not without complaint. I’m yet to enforce the one load of washing per week but we’re getting there.

In other news, it was Matt’s birthday back on the 5th so I arranged for Mum and Dad to come and hang out with the boys for the day while we went down to Canberra to see AvenueQ—which was awesome!

I spent most of the following week in Canberra (again!) for work related training. It’s always a fabulous opportunity for department store shopping, eating out, and going to the movies. So, there are no complaints from me. It was our 8th anniversary while I was out of town and I went to a movie and McDonald’s with a male colleague. Poor Matt! hah! Next year we aim to do something special.

Since then, I’ve been working on two regular copywriting gigs as well as my usual part-time work arrangement. And get this! I have enrolled in a university unit. Through Open University, in a hundred years, I may well emerge with Bachelor of Arts(Macquarie). We shall see.

On the habits front, my face and teeth routine are going well, but the thirty minute segment of Fitness Coach has lapsed. (I must get my act together on that.) I have a new habit now. Watering the turf.

Behold, after almost five years of living on this martian landscape, and 12 months since I first started the quoting process, we finally have lawn. It’s hot, it’s dry, but the lawn IS growing.

When it has knitted itself together I will bleach the deckchair, (it’s been in the dusty shed), and I will lay back with a cocktail and a book.



  1. Good idea to get a blog deadline, it seems I have been waiting ages for this post, which is great BTW…….love the lawn and the idea of the bleached deck chair under the wide blue yonder. xxx

  2. I love reading your blog posts. Makes me remember that I haven’t blogged in ages. I don’t really know where to start with Liam’s latest hospital visits. Seems very repetitive to blog about more visits… but that’s what’s been happening in our lives. I await your next post.

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