Fraser is 5.5 years old now and when he started school this year, I declared that it would be his job to wash his school clothes on the weekend. I wanted him to learn about the washing machine and have some responsibility for his uniform.

That did happen for a few weeks but nearing the end of the school year I find myself doing that job. It’s not his fault. I just scoop it all up in the rest of the washing and it’s all done together. And therein lies the problem. I just keep on doing what I do and oftentimes I’m on auto-pilot. To delegate a household task involves stopping long enough to think about it and make sure it’s done. Even if I don’t care whether the end result is up to my (moderate) standard, the process takes time. It’s quicker to just keep doing what I do.

But I don’t want my boys coasting through life never having done a domestic chore. I want them to be substantial contributors to the mundane runnings of their own households. If not for their own sake, then for the sake of my future daughters-in-law. And so, I need to change my ways.

This fabulous chore chart popped up in my blog feed today.


It’s freely available from ModEco Kids. If I keep this up in the kitchen it serves more as a prompt for me rather than Fraser, and that may be just the ticket.


  1. I like this. The Flipster (just turned 6) has chores, feeding and watering the chooks and collecting eggs. These are also ways for him to add to pocket money (which we’ve only just introduced). But I’ve recently taught him how to use the washing machine and get him to do at least one load on weekends.

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