Garden Tour

Finally, we have the warmer weather.

Last weekend (after my big night out on Friday with the girls) we went for a trip down to Canberra to see a kids movie and enjoy the outdoors. We had a lovely time with a short stroll through the Old Bus Depot markets and then down by Lake Burley Griffin.
mini yacht races

We watched the mini yacht races and strolled back through the kapok laden breeze.

After that it was back to school for Fraser and back to the daily routine for me.

The spring weather has been here all week so I’ve been out watering every afternoon and nursing my sick camellia and hyrdrangeas. The rest of the garden looks lovely and fit to burst with colour.

garden tour

I’ve also renovated both vege patches. One has been replanted with summer veg while the other is covered in weed mat to help kill off the overgrown grass.

We’re two steps away form having some lush green lawn—just waiting on drip irrigation to be laid and the turf to arrive. Oh my, how long I’ve waited for this!

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