When we were in Melbourne last month Mum shouted me to a facial. The therapist admonished me for my lack of skincare routine and declared my lines to be a result of dehydrated skin. When I read Lady Smaggle’s Beauty Essentials post last week I was finally spurred into action. I’m 35, it’s time to start giving a damn.

So I raided my Avon stock, (I’ve just given up peddling Avon after five years, by the way), and now have a twice daily cleanse-tone-moisturise routine going on, plus the mouthwash before bed. It takes 21 days to form a habit so we’ll see how I go.

This burgeoning habit has lead me to consider other things I’d like to do every day.

  • Meditate for 20 minutes every day (No time in the morning to be alone or go somewhere peaceful, and I fall asleep when I try this at night.)
  • Do 3 pages of stream-of-consciousness writing before I get out of bed (I keep forgetting to do this.)
  • Do a 30 minutes workout with the Wii “My Fitness Coach” every day (I already do this some days.)
  • Wear different jewellery every day instead of the same gold hoops I wear all.the.time.

These are all very self serving habits but that’s the thing – we get busy serving the younger members of the household, and before you know it you’re 40, the kids are playing Nintendos and you’re stressed with lots of lines on your face.

What habits do you need to pursue?


  1. I need to meditate much more regularly. I get easily distracted, but having the puppies means I can get in walking meditation every couple of days.

    excercise! I’ve lost 35 pounds in the last year, now I need to put this body into some kind of shape!

    and writing as well. I hoped that by starting my own blog it would push me to write more often, but I just need to stop thinking about these things and just do them.

    and I need to break the habit of over-thinking. I’ve gotten better, especially with money worries. our recent trip is a good example.

    good luck!

  2. @radiosteve – a walking meditation! Now that’s a crafty idea. I could knock over exercise and meditation all in one go.

    @melissa – thanks for your comment. I have the Wii Fit as well and it’s a good intro to home fitness as it has some fun stuff in it, too. But after a while it’s not enough and it’s also a bit of a time waster – there’s lots of wasted time between activities so a 30 minute session could take 40 minutes. My Fitness Coach is just like being in an aerobics class. It’s a constant workout for the session time you specify and it targets the areas you need the most work on.

  3. I think it is good to make a habit of time for yourself, and I like how your time goals are about self-improvement. I am so slack about night time face cleansing but I’m reading this right before I sign off so I might get motivated tonight and slap on some wrinkle cream!

  4. Hi Aprill,

    I used to live in Melbourne and that what caught my attention read this post!

    I know what you mean I am feeling a little consumed with tasks where I am at in life, and I don’t like it. I do like the idea of focussing on more things for myself, but I just have trouble finding the time, as I run my own business and it sucks the life out of me!!

    Nice blog!

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