Rain, rain, go away

What happened to our spring time weather? We’ve had wintery cold and rainy weather for a couple of weeks now. It rained on Fraser’s last soccer game Saturday before last. We were lucky that he got his Assocation medal and certificate before it started hailing. Then on Sunday we had the football club presentation inside the clubhouse because of the crappy weather.

He was very proud to get a trophy for Most Improved and the other trophy is for participating in the Under 6 team.

If you’re wondering why he’s dressed in cowboy gear, it’s because we were invited to a birthday party for one of his classmates, who’s also a neighbour. I took this photo just before we left. They had an ‘Old West’ party at the wool shed and insisted we all dress up.  I put Matt’s akubra on and that’s as far as I was going to go.

Things are quiet around here this week because Matt and Fraser are both in Sydney. Matt’s got some work to do up there and Fraser is staying with my Mum for a few days of the holidays. So it’s just Lincoln, Kami and I. In between the rainy patches this week I managed to weed out the vege beds and plant some potted colour in all my empty pots. Our landscaping is waiting for some irrigation to be laid, and then the turf, so I’m going to dot some flowers around the place to cheer things up for the spring. I just need spring to come back now!

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