Melbourne weather

Everybody talks about the Melbourne weather, either as a visitor or resident. It was pretty kind to us. Chilly at night, a bit of rain on and off on Saturday, but beautiful the day we left. We all had a great time.

Staying in St Kilda we were nice and close to some fabulous food. While Dad and Matt took the boys on the tram to the zoo on Saturday, Mum and I walked up and down the length of Chapel St. We didn’t buy much, unfortunately. There were beautiful clothes but when I put my hand in my pocket I failed to pluck out the $400. Note to self: next time we shop in Fitzroy St. On Saturday night we had hired a babysitter for the kids and we went out for a swisho dinner at The Stokehouse. It was absolutely superb food and service and easily one of the highlights of the trip. They have a couple of huge, gorgeous chandeliers that look like twisted pieces of glass suspended from stainless steel mesh but it’s actually plastic dinner implements that have been heated and twisted.

On Sunday we all caught the tram up to the Botanic Gardens, Mum and Dad caught up with some old friends, and then Matt and I went with the boys on the train to Brighton Beach. (We had no car for the weekend so we did loads of walking.) I’ve been wanting to see those colourful beach sheds for ages so I took the opportunity to meet up there with internet friend housenbaby. We’ve known each other for over five years, in the time before blogs. She and her family are just as lovely in person as they seem online and I’m really glad we could get together. I hope we can do it again some day.

The boys were great the whole time. They’re easy travellers and Fraser coped well with all the walking.

Coming back from Melbourne we missed an earthquake but arrived home to the beginnings of this huge red dust storm.

Photo by toolmantim
Photo by toolmantim

We didn’t have this fantastic eerie red glow where we live, just a dirty haze, but we could see the orange developing in the sky on our way home from Sydney on Monday night. On Tuesday we had a heavy downpour that settled the dust but smeared all the north facing windows of the house with red slime. We’ll have to get the gurney out this weekend to blast it all off.

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