Yesterday was the 9/9/09. Susannah marked the occasion with a wish list so I thought I would do the same.

I wish we could just hurry up and start the next phase of our domestic life – new house, new town, new school. ~~I wish for continued growth in my creativity and being able to generate income from that in some way. ~~ I wish for a decorating budget. ~~I wish to eat mexican food in Mexico, drink beer in Ireland, and go shopping in Paris. ~~I wish for more time with my friends. ~~I wish for regular massages. ~~I wish for just a little bit of fame.

What about you?


  1. ~I wish to get the time and energy to start my business
    ~I wish the drum fairy would deliver two nice wooden 22″ surdo drums
    ~I wish for more time to myself
    ~I wish for more patience
    ~I wish for various forms of surgery to be affordable in the next year or two….

  2. I wish for good health for our bodies & heads
    I wish for love to be shown and said
    I wish for happiness, fairness and peace
    I wish for the wealth of all to increase

  3. I wish I only needed 4 hours sleep a night to still function at 100%
    I wish drivers were more considerate
    I wish it didn’t cost so much to take my dog to the vet – $1066.20
    I wish I could have more wishes.

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