What’s your style?

Comfortable essence

Unravelling has drawn to a close.
It’s been enlightening, enjoyable, and it’s opened some doors. I’m part of a new community of intelligent, creative, and encouraging women from all over the world. There’s an extension to this course that runs next month (Unravelling Further) but I think I want to walk around in these new shoes for a while.

Style Statement

One of the course participants drew our attention to the ‘Style Statement’ book. It’s a lot of questions that all filter down to two words. Those two words then “become a tool for making powerful choices that inspire the spirit, look, and feel of your life”. After a couple of weeks working through the book I discovered my Style Statement. Comfortable Essence. I like the words. They fit.

I love tracksuits and I’m happy to own that statement.

‘Style Statement’ describes Comfortable as “the consummate pleasure seeker. Physical comforts are paramount, and sensual gratification is a fundamental part of their lives. In their best form, Comfortable is easy-going, sincerely cheerful, and free from doubt. They can be highly sensitive… Comfortable tend to be focussed on security, whether financial or familial or emotional, and will naturally strive to preserve it… Comfortable is body centred, so the priority with fashion and furnishings is comfort. Casual, plush, overstuffed, loose-fitting, durable; warm tones… roomy, convenient, cozy, charming, spacious, airy.”

Essence is my ‘creative edge’ word. Your creative edge drives you forward. It’s how you express yourself. “Essence is guided by a determined search for what is divine and pure. Essence truly and deeply relishes the journey of life and trusts that the destination is momentary and perfect.”

I’m yet to really apply my words to the decisions I make day-to-day but I feel like I’m getting closer to working out who I am. Though, I guess it isn’t really about working it out. It’s about understanding, or even just accepting what I’ve always known and giving it a new power.


  1. How proud this mum is to learn you are part of a new community of intelligent, creative, and encouraging women from all over the world. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me Aprill, and I am so proud that you have unravelled to the point of finding your “comfortable fit. ” Go forward and be secure and happy in your discovery. I love you !!

  2. hmm – how interesting .. although i’d hate my style statement to be ‘highly strung’, or ‘easily agitated’.

    Sometimes I feel that is the best description of me :)

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