Rockin’ it.

I’ve had my head down, bum up this week. If I wasn’t busy putting together a book week costume*, I was busy writing. A trial copywriting job came my way and I’m pleased to say it went very well. The words flowed, phrases came to me at all hours. I wouldn’t say it was ‘easy’. It still requires time and research, but I really do think it this is something I’m supposed to be doing. My brain was tired from doing real work but revived! Seems those old neurons are still firing after all.
So I now have a small ongoing job that should only require a couple of hours a week. I’m really excited that I may have finally tapped into what could be my natural talent. The stars may have aligned but without discovering my inner rock chic, as I did in last week’s alter-egos exercise, I most likely wouldn’t have had the guts to deviate from my safety zone.

And I can’t tell you what a difference it makes to my motivation having the cleaning fairies coming every fortnight. I can’t use the vacuuming or mopping as an excuse to procrastinate. It’s a pleasure to walk back into the house after they’ve been. Everything is sparkling, our paper junk is in neat piles, even the beds are properly made. I almost expected a mint on the pillow. It’s the best decision we’ve ever made.


*Fraser’s school had book week this Wednesday. It was a safari theme so I went looking for a gorilla mask. Couldn’t find one of those so I bought a sheep mask instead. I gave Fraser a few options. He could go as Russell the Sheep, Shaun the sheep, or the green sheep. (Not very safari-like but the kids could go as any old book character.) He decided to take the Russell book to school but then told everyone he was Shaun. Also, I’d sewed on elastic armholes to the back of a sheepskin rug which I’d intended for him to wear like a cape but he said he ‘forgot about it’. So he ended up being a kid in a grey tracksuit with a sheep mask.


  1. I am so 2seconds away from hiring a cleaner…. am going to wait and see how 2010 goes first … with the eldest away at school..

    People tell me I am kidding myself :/

  2. Srsly, you should just do it. Remember, my oldest is at school. It makes no difference, you still spend all your time cleaning. The free time I have now, with a cleaner, astonishes me.

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