Growing up

I’ve been pushing through the past couple of weeks with a strong CBF vibe. Now I know why. I went to the doctor this morning and he diagnosed me with acute bronchitis. Not fun. I don’t know why I tough it out for as long as I do. I did the same last year with the weirdo virus I had. Maybe it’s a motherhood thing. No time for self care.
So I have some antibiotics and a referral for a chest x-ray if I don’t feel markedly better within a few days.
Fingers crossed that I see an improvement as next Saturday night is my work function!

I managed to sew an ankle-length red circle skirt with a zipper! I’ve printed out a transfer that I need to iron on to a white long sleeved tshirt, and I have the raw materials for making red and white pom-poms. So I’m just about all ready to go.

I had my hair done today, blonder and with a fringe in preparation for my Sandy costume. Matt took the boys for haircuts, too. Even Lincoln! He’s had his first haircut today. Such a big little boy. When he wakes up I’ll take a photo.

Fraser’s ice skating attempt went well enough. He was a bit scared but I managed to get around with him holding my hand, and the wall, for four or five laps. A few times he let go of the wall as we went around the corners but all-in-all I was pleased with how it went especially as I haven’t been ice skating since I was a kid.

Half way through the Kindy year, Fraser seems so much older already. He caught the bus yesterday for the first time, to and from school, and he’ll do the same every Friday. I drop him to the bus stop which is not much more than a five minute drive but that little trip affords me so much extra time in the morning and afternoon. He won’t be doing it every day though, because I’m about to start my new hours at work which will allow me to pick him up from school every day. That should make for a much smoother evening that what we’ve put up with so far.

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