Lunch Date Sundays

How did another Sunday night roll around? I haven’t even spoken of the last weekend, let alone this one. Well they were pretty much the same, anyway. A quiet Saturday followed by a Lunch Date Sunday.

Last Sunday we met up with friends on the way to Kiama and had a little bushwalk down to Carrington Falls. A lovely day with a picnic of free Naidoc week sausage sandwiches and bought fish & chips. 

After lunch we went for a walk along the bike path as the kids scootered along in front, and finished with an ice cream. As you do.

Today we drove up to Campbelltown to meet up with (BIL) Shan and his two girls. Would you believe The Black Stump is still around? And we were surprised to find that the kids all ate for free. Woo hoo!

In the intervening days, Fraser had his last soccer game for the term, school finished on Friday, and we received Fraser’s first school report. He did fabulously well, with some lovely comments. We’re really proud, and pleased that he enjoys school so much. Especially after his tearful day at the start of the year.

As much as he loves school, he’s happy to be on holidays. He’s got a few days with Nanny and Poppy. I bought tickets for Mum to take him to the Lazytown stage show so I’m sure he’ll come back with lots to talk about.

Another discovery during the week was my broccoli harvest. Seems I’ve left them so long a couple of heads have started flowering. I harvested what I could and decided to leave these two here for the experimental blossoms. I say ‘experimental’ because I’ve never seen a flowering broccoli before and amazingly, it’s not entirely unattractive! 

For some reason I always thought plants that are particularly good for you would be ugly. As though they could only perform one function well. I’m going to keep checking in on the broccoli and take a picture of it in full bloom. That’s a whole yellow wedding bouquet there. No need to pay exorbitant fees for a florist to put a handle on a bunch of flowers!


  1. OMG, that broccoli is *glorious* ! I would totally grow it just for the flower! I can’t believe i’ve never seen brocc in flower either, as we used to grow so much of it as kids. Guess it always got eaten in time ???

    Anyway, yes, I do want to see the whole wedding bouquet! :D

  2. Unravelling with you and just wanted to stop in and say hello! That broccoli is amazing…I had no idea either about how beautiful it could be…a new appreciation for that green veggie :)

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