I really did have a great weekend. We missed the turnoff for the Aquarium and so wound up making an accidental trip across the Harbour Bridge and back.
We made our way through the submerged tubes and saw sharks, turtles, stingray, dugong, all sorts of colourful fish, and penguins.
We dropped in on Keda, who hadn’t had her baby yet (she has now – yay!), and hit the town with some friends. While the boys stayed with Mum and Dad, we enjoyed cocktails and tapas then moved on to another place for more tapas and churros, then to the pub for more drinks. Fantastic night out sans children, and look forward to more of those.

We woke to a cloudy, but not too cold, morning in Manly and it was just glorious sitting at the boardwalk watching everyone else care about their fitness.

We had a decadent brunch and walk through the shops before heading back to catch up with the kids and Mum and Dad.
Saturday night was spent with more friends. We discussed hairbrained schemes, old times, and future possibilities. I’ve come away with homework to do. It may well be the birth of a new Empire.

The weekend finished with a day at Taronga Zoo. Lincoln thought the giraffes were hilarious, Fraser liked the bilby, and Matt seemed to enjoy the nipple-squeezing chimpanzee the most.

I heartily recommend a weekend as a tourist in your own city!


  1. So the funniest thing was pointing out the said nipple-squeezing chimp to the group of 15 year 10 boys … Hilarity ensued!

  2. I love your boys .. not sure if it’s because, from behind, they could be my own ? :)

    and oooh on new possibilities ? :)

  3. I live near Washington, D.C. and it’s a rare occasion that we actually get into the city for some touristy action. It seems like I’ve seen and done everything there is to do in that city, but whenever festivals and such come around it can be a great chance to go back and enjoy yourself.

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