Holiday Weekend

It’s action stations this weekend. Matt’s finishes up working for his employer today and goes freelancing from July 1. So we’re extending this weekend to fit in some fun with the kids.
Fraser is wagging school tomorrow and Monday so we can go to the Aquarium and the Zoo with less people around. We head up to the aquarium first thing tomorrow, followed by a visit to Keda (psssst! I hope she has her baby today!). We’ve got dinner out with friends Friday night, plus brunch with other friends (Hi Bindy!) Saturday morning. Then popping in on a family birthday party before going to a dinner and stay-over at some other friends Saturday.

Sunday night should bring some relaxation time at Mum and Dad’s, then to the zoo Monday morning before we get back home. WooH! I’m tired just thinking about it. But I’m really looking forward to seeing the aquarium as I just know Lincoln will LOVE it!

In other muser related news: I have enrolled for the next Unravelling e-course. I’m quite excited about this one, and depending how this goes I may do her new follow-up ‘Senses‘ course later.

I’m also investigating a Cert IV in Media and Communication. It could just be the ticket to scratching that creative itch.

So I’m out of here for a few days but to get the party started here’s a video of Fraser school performance as part of the Commuity of Schools on Tuesday night. Enjoy!


  1. Sorry for not managing to give birth to this baby while you were up – it just means another trip (soon!) for that fresh baby smell! Hope you all had a great weekend and loved the zoo!

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