I saw this over at Anna Laura Art. This gives real insight into what is on my mind these days.

Here is what you do:

“So what you have to do is type each letter of the alphabet one by one into the URL line of your browser. This will bring up your most visited site of this letter, or the letter being used within the address. Use the first site that comes up, or the second if you have privacy/security issues. It’s like a little outline of your favourite web sites!”

A. Aprill.Net – Here, of course!
B. BOM – NSW weather radar.
C. Citibank – checking the credit card statement and paying bills.
D. Domain – Searching real estate.
E. Ebay – I’ve sold things recently, hence it only just beats Etsy.
F. Facebook – Enough said.
G. Google – Speaks for itself.
H. H&B – House & Baby. A favourite blog.
I. IKEA – research *cough*
J. Jax Tyres – I needed a wheel alignment.
K. Kristin Hersh – I visit the KH forums most days.
L. lastminute – I’m always on the lookout for a cheap airfare Somewhere Else.
M. Google mail
N. SMH – Catching up on the news.
O. Google Spreadsheets – I keep my menu plan here and reference it often.
P. Police Credit Union – Internet banking.
Q. Flickr Search – my most recent search was for ‘home office’.
R. Redbubble – Art for sale (including this shirt that I designed).
S. St George – more internet banking and bill paying.
T. Taste – for adding variety to my menu planning.
U. Susannah Conway – Unravelling e-course “Ways of seeing myself”. I hope to register for the next course!
V. Google Reader – I catch up on all my favourite blogs here. (Google gets alot of my business.)
W. Wild Vanilla – Another Kristin Hersh and Throwing Muses forum.
X. Xero.com – Online business accounting.
Y. youtube – I was there yesterday looking at the Improv Foodcourt Musical
Z. Zazzle – My tshirt is here, too.

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