Lincoln had a lovely birthday weekend!

After our day out bike riding on Saturday he crashed out on the lounge in Matt’s arms by 4.30pm and slept right through until the next morning! We woke him for dinner but he was not impressed so Matt ended up putting him into bed and I snuck in a little later to change his nappy. He must have been so puffed out from me pushing him on his trike for four kilometres!

He and Fraser spent Sunday morning playing with his new toys and while he napped I iced his Thomas cake. The cake turned out well enough.

He had a lovely time talking to, and playing with, all his grandparents.

Lincoln is developing more and more words now. Nanny, mummy, daddy, doh-doh (playdough), cheese, two. He loves Fraser and copies everything he does. He loves eating – particularly stuffed olives, cheese, and tiny teddies. He loves reading. Often I catch him sitting on his bedroom floor with books around him. And yes, he loves Thomas the Tank Engine.

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