Last week’s school Open Day at the conclusion of Education Week was successful. Lincoln played with toys in the back of Fraser’s classroom while we talked to his teacher. She’s still impressed with his reading and he’s in the top group in the class for maths. Another teacher comes across from another, bigger school one day a week to help program more advanced maths tasks for those kids who are doing especially well. We also saw the class present their self portraits to the assembly, and the parents and children participated in a trivia contest. We’re so proud to see Fraser doing so well at his little school.

On Saturday I made the trip down to the Canberra Centre to go shopping. I found some bits and pieces for Lincoln’s birthday, some crafty things, spent my Kikki-k voucher, and just had a lovely time browsing around the shops. On the way back I stopped at Ginnindera Village in Gold Creek. There’s some fabulous gift shops there!  

Since then, we’ve had a head cold go through the family. Fraser brought it home first, then Lincoln got it, then me. Matt had it somewhere along the line as well. Thanks to Lincoln’s new Seretide inhaler we’ve gotten through this bout without needing the steroid drops. Yay! He still got wheezy overnight and coughed a fair bit but nowhere near as bad. I’m so relieved we’re making headway with managing this asthma.

We made hay while the sun shone today and went out for a drive. The weather is supposed to be bad all weekend but today was lovely. So we took the bikes up to Bowral for a ride along the bike track. Matt and Fraser rode off ahead while I pushed Lincoln on his trike.  He had a lovely time. We saw a furry caterpillar, lots of dogs out walking, other kids, and we could hear the train going by in the distance. We stopped for a picnic lunch of rolls, sandwiches, and muesli bars before heading back home to prepare for the big day  tomorrow. 

I’ve made a slab cake and tomorrow I will carve and frost it. All the grandparents are coming to stay for the long weekend so I’m sure the boys will have a fun time.

With Lincoln turning 2 tomorrow I’ve scanned in a few photos of me for comparison.

aprill_scan1     aprill_scan2

Maybe I am nearly 4 here?

 Here’s one of Lincoln from today.

lincoln texture

Well I’m looking forward to seeing how the cake turns out tomorrow. Best get some sleep so my creative talents are at their best.

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