Don’t bite your friends!

I’m late with this update. I’ve had a busy week with Matt away but everything has settled back down for now. Yo Gabba Gabba was awesome! 

yo gabba gabba

We had front row, centre seats. Lincoln was awestruck the whole show and upset when they stopped for interval. Fraser clapped along, sang, and had a little dance. I had a great time, too. Looking around the audience I could see the t-shirts of my youth – Velvet Underground and other similar band tshirts. These days we’re all older, we’re parents, and we’re taking our kids to concerts.
After our day out at YGG I have been spending lots of time in the office at home here, rearranging, chucking stuff out, hanging things up, vacuuming, tidying. I still have lots of sorting and tidying to do so no pics at the moment but it already looks much better.
We’re staying with friends this weekend and then I have another week of training in Canberra from Tuesday. 
Have fun y’all!

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